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page 1 of 19. california department of justice division of law enforcement / bureau of gambling control compliance and enforcement section / licensing section Pre Opening Checklist sample format for Hotels / Resorts. Hotel pre-opening process with attention to each and every detail will likely lead to a smooth opening and this will also help to ensure a successful future hotel operation. The pre-opening checklist should be prepared in such a way to monitor all interdependent activities including the monitoring of the progress of the pre-opening. Casino Opening and Closing Procedures AGLC Page 1 of 4 There are several important procedures that occur for opening and closing the casino event. The following information is general and may vary somewhat among facilities. Advisors and casino facility staff will assist volunteers with all procedures. First Day Opening Procedures The advisor, general manager, and banker start between 10:00-10 Acquiring a high-quality gambling software is by far the most crucial step in opening an online casino, as it will both set and determine its performance expectations, so securing a deal with the trusted software provider is an absolute must. It’s in your own best interests to evaluate everything, starting from pricing and terms of guarantees to gaming reviews and security features.Pay Casino cleans and disinfects these objects between uses as much as possible. When possible, casino limits sharing of items that are difficult to clean and disinfect, such as cards, and holds items for 72 hours before reuse of these items. Highest Risk . Casino and gaming operations are open at full capacity. Games that require a dealer and that allow multiple players at the same time are Use this checklist to optimize hotel operations for enhanced safety according to World Health Organization (WHO) guidelines. This hotel reopening checklist encompasses the management team’s action plan, mobilization of resources, supervision, logbook of actions, communication, and training and information. It also covers reception and concierge, technical and maintenance services checklist of items to consider from a casino systems perspective before your casino reopens to the public. As an important final item in this checklist, please contact Konami Systems Customer Service and schedule your “Reopen Health Check” with us to ensure a successful opening. SYNKROS Checklist for Casino Reopen: Slots: Walk the floor to check that all slots are online and all player

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